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data access policy

The SLS & SPICE are based on the concept that all members of the science consortium have equal access to the raw and reduced data obtained at the CFHT and archived at CADC. Access to the data require members to first obtain registered status. The raw and reduced data are made available at CADC to all registered users at the end of each run through a password-protected archive.

The processed data include both the non-telluric-subtracted and telluric-subtracted spectra with wavelengths referring to the Solar-System Barycentric frame, and corrected from all known residual instrumental contributions to the RV signal. RV measurements and Zeeman signatures derived from processed spectra with reference cross-correlation tools are also released with the processed spectra.

The raw and processed data released by CADC are proprietary for a period of 12 months after the end of the SLS & SPICE for the components that require analyzing the whole sample, or 12 months after the end of the semester in which the last data of a given homogeneous subsample are collected for components that do not intend to exploit the whole sample at once.

Registered users commit to protect the proprietary rights of the community by individually not exporting proprietary data to scientists other than registered users, nor distributing the data in digital form. The export of proprietary data to external members of the science consortium is permitted only upon the explicit authorization of the executive board; similarly, showing data to scientists other than registered users requires prior agreement and written confirmation from the corresponding WP coordinators. Failing to comply to this policy will imply exclusion of the consortium. 

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