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publication policy

Scientific analyses of SLS & SPICE data dealing with the whole sample within each work package (WP) will be managed and handled by the coordinators of the WP, involving all WP members ready to provide complementary expertise and to dedicate a significant amount of time. More focussed or follow-up analyses by members are encouraged; projects for complementary studies must be submitted to the executive board ahead of time and advertised to all other WP members using the relevant distribution lists, then posted on the corresponding WP page once validated by the executive board, welcoming contributions from all WP members. WP coordinators will also ensure that groups proposing similar studies on the same data sets join their efforts rather than compete.

All publications will include WP members who contributed to the analysis in an order left to the appreciation of the first author (or to the WP coordinators in case of a conflict); publications will also include as additional coauthors the main survey builders1) who wish to be associated, and upon their explicit request.

All publications will undergo an internal review process before being submitted to a journal or publicly released, with referees chosen among the consortium by the WP coordinators. Moreover, authors must circulate drafts of their papers among the relevant WPs before publication in order to foster comments. The paper is not considered public until it is published on the editor's website or posted on arXiv by the first author; while not yet public, the paper and its results cannot be quoted in conference talks, nor referenced in other publications and telescope proposals, unless explicitly authorized in advance by the corresponding WP coordinators through a written confirmation.

1) Jean-François Donati, René Doyon, Xavier Delfosse, Etienne Artigau, Claire Moutou, Guillaume Hébrard, Pascal Fouqué, Jerome Bouvier, Silvia Alencar, François Bouchy
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