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registered users

Eligible members of the science consortium need to obtain registered status to retrieve the proprietary raw and reduced data from CADC. The eligibility of individuals to receive registered status includes:

  • all persons engaged in astronomical research residing in France and Canada (including students, post-doctoral fellows and employed professional astronomers at Universities and Research Institutes), plus the designated persons from OG / Switzerland (5 persons), CAUP / Portugal (4 persons), DIAS / Ireland (4 persons), Brazil (4 persons), ASIAA / Taiwan (3 persons) thanks to their contribution to the construction of SPIRou;
  • members of the CFHT scientific staff;
  • professional astronomers employed at Research Institutes or Universities outside of Canada or France, but who are directly or indirectly supported by either NRC or CNRS, or another French or Canadian agency (e.g., a French Astronomer at ESO, a Canadian astronomer at JAC).

Individuals who do not fit the stated eligibility criteria but are expected to provide expertise for analyzing the data that the consortium lacks, may join the consortium (with a maximum of 1 person per institute) upon proposition by the Executive Board and confirmation by the CFHT Executive Director.

Previously registered users whose status changes to one that no longer fits the stated eligibility criteria will be removed from the list of authorized users (their registration will be revoked). Such individuals may appeal to the Executive Board stating their reasons to continue as a registered user, who will forward its conclusions to the CFHT Executive Director.

CFHT and the executive board are in charge of administering an updated list of registered users eligible to access data, and to communicate it to CADC. The registration process includes a statement of the obligations associated with accessing the data, outlined in the data access policy and the publication policy, that all users seeking data access have to agree with and sign to secure registered status.

The updated list of registered users will be available from this page.

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