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SPIRou science meetings

The first SPIRou science meeting was held at Université de Paris (Campus Jussieu) & at Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP) on 2014 Sep 22-25. The main aim of this first workshop was (i) to discuss the SPIRou science topics with the community at large, (ii) to converge on the main science goals of the SPIRou Legacy Survey (SLS), (iii) to structure the effort into multiple work packages (WPs) covering the whole SLS research field, and finally (iv) to initiate activities for all WPs.

The second SPIRou science meeting was held at hotel St Paul in Nice on 2016 May 05-06, immediately following the 11th CFHT Users' meeting.

The third SPIRou science meeting was held at UdeM in Montreal on 2019 May 23-24, following the 12th CFHT Users' meeting.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the fourth SPIRou SLS science meeting will be held in Toulouse on 2020 June 29 to July 1 as a videocon meeting

Starting organizing the fifth SPIRou SLS science meeting, 14-16 June 2021, remote access.

SPIRou Science Talk series, kicked off in October 2020.

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