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The SLS Executive Board (SLS-EB)

The progress of the SLS is monitored by the SLS Executive Board (SLS-EB), who will regularly inform the CFHT SAC and BoD on the advances of the survey effort with respect to the nominal schedule (once the SLS enters the operation phase), and possibly suggest changes in the overall observation strategy and in the relative time allocation of the different survey components, taking into account results already obtained within the SLS or with related instruments (e.g., TESS, ALMA).

The SLS-EB will be nominated soon by the SPIRou Steering Committee upon a proposition from the SLS-SC. We suggest that the SLS-EB includes ~10 members, in particular:

  • the coordinators of the 3 main components of the SLS;
  • one CFHT representative;
  • one person from the SLS Data Processing center (see below);
  • two additional members from the SLS-SC.

The SLS-EB will nominate a chair and co-chair among its members.

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