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SPIRou scheduling at CFHT

On this page we log the amount of SPIRou time allocated by the TACs (SLS and A&B-rated PI programmes) and scheduled on the telescope since the beginning of semester 2019a, comparing both to those of the other CFHT instruments (all numbers taken from CFHT QSO pages). We quantify the overall time pressure on each instrument by computing the difference between the allocated and scheduled amounts since 2019a. (We recall that 1 night of telescope time amounts to 7 hr for SPIRou, 5.5 hr for MegaCam, 7.5 hr for ESPaDOnS, 5 hr for WIRCAM and 6.5 hr for SITELLE).

Following the various technical operations (aluminizing, engineering), issues (crane, hydraulics) and shutdowns (TMT protests, COVID-19) that CFHT underwent since 2019a (generating an overall loss of 126 nights), only MegaCam was scheduled enough time on the telescope to carry out the allocated programmes. SPIRou suffered a lot from these issues, with a cumulated allocated minus scheduled time deficit reaching 4.6 nights since 2019a, i.e., 19.9 nights larger than that of the other main CFHT instrument MegaCam.

Overall pressure = allocated time - scheduled time (higher numbers meaning stronger pressure, in nights)

2019a 1.8713.870.423.39-10.00
2019b 20.41-3.051.758.905.29
2020b -3.58-14.632.683.09-0.24
2021a -7.19-14.02-0.452.40-0.18
2021b -6.91-4.44-1.030.00-1.54
total 4.60-15.267.0527.950.73

Allocated time by TACs & DDT (LPs and A&B-rated PI programmes, in nights)

2019a 45.87 (32)70.8714.4224.3910.00
2019b 75.41 (56)45.9514.7519.9011.29
2020a 63.50 (39)65.017.3417.4713.39
2020b 68.92 (54.43)32.3722.0218.8021.76
2021a 54.81 (33.57)69.9812.5515.408.82
2021b 84.09 (57)40.5619.978.0016.46
total 392.60 (272)324.7491.05103.9581.73

Scheduled time on CFHT & time lost to technical issues, engineering & shutdowns (in nights)

SemesterSPIRouMegaCamESPaDOnSWIRCAMSITELLElost / eng
2019a 445714212025
2019b 55491311650
2020a 63.55856643.5
2020b 72.5471817227.5
2021a 6284131390
2021b 9145218181
total 388340847681127
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